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Our Plants: We specialise in contrasting plant types: hardy perennial plants which thrive in challenging coastal conditions. We also have dramatic plants to make a statement in a border or pot, house plants and scented leaf geraniums (or more properly we should call them pelargoniums) which love a sheltered sunny corner. We propagate and grow many of our own plants and can sell by mail order from stock beds for autumn and spring planting, thus reducing our (and your) use of plastics and brought in compost. We are participating in the National Botanic Garden 'Saving Pollinators' scheme using peat free, pesticide free compost and growing plants for pollinators.

Seed Cells are a clever and waste free way to plant seeds and flowers. Simply snap the cells out and push them into some soil (no need for tools) then water them, give them your love and attention and watch them grow. The natural pulp material which makes up the SeedCell will absorb ground moisture once planted and as you water your seeds it will help deliver a steady feed directly to the seed without the worry of over watering. This you tube video shows you how they work.

In stock we have Gardens in a Box (Tomato, Salad or a Veg Mix). These are small boxes containing biodegradable coir pots and peat free compost pellets to start the growth of your SeedCells. As the coir pots are biodegradable, repotting is not required. Simply plant the entire pot into the ground or in a bigger plant pot when required. We also have single and multi SeedCells. In stock are cucumber, cherry tomato, lettuce, rocket, pea, mixed salad ,coriander, parsley, basil, mixed herbs, sunflower, Tomato Mix, broccoli, courgette, veg mix, pumpkin, bell pepper, cayenne pepper, hot chili pepper and butternut squash.

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