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The Perennial is the result of a long standing dream of the two partners, Gill and Pippa,to create a productive garden and a space that brings pleasure to visitors.Their mission is to inspire and enthuse visitors to garden and grow in their own spaces however small (or large).

Gill began with a career in academic botany in various parts of the world, but has been a gardener all her adult life, a garden designer in Pembrokeshire for the last two decades, and used to work at The Perennial Nursery as the “Saturday girl”. Pippa also has a first degree in botany but was not able to get a job in this field and was diverted into business and the economics of healthcare. She has an unruly and interesting garden, keeps bees and cats, and loves a challenge.

Both were inspired to set up a new business together, to enjoy the challenges of putting life-learnt skills into practical use, putting something back into the local community through employing and training younger staff, adding to the St Davids visitor “offer” and supporting the best of local food producers.

Pippa is an enthusiastic amateur gardener and veg grower at home. Gill also puts her to work in the garden and she tries to be useful. Behind the scenes she is the book-keeper and business manager.

The Perennial is supported by a very able team of friendly staff who are here to make your visit enjoyable.

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Please contact us for further information on any of our services or products.