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Plants in season

Posted by pippa at 16:46 on 16 Jun 2018


We are combining March and April so you get two 'plants of the month'!

First is the Perennial Wallflower (Erysimum) Bowles Mauve. A hardy small shrubby perennial that has already been flowering for a month. Evergreen, tough, with bluish green leaves and purple flower spikes that are irresistible to butterflies in summer. It will flower til August or longer if dead headed occasionally.

And the other choice is a promise of things to come : the rosettes of Ajuga reptans Burgundy Glow. A ground cover plant with deep reddish shiny leaves that is day-by-day gearing itself up to produce 6 inch tall spires of deep blue flowers in April. The whole plant is colourful, simple and very very easy to grow either on the edge of a path or in a small container, complimenting Euphorbias or Tulips.