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Saturday 5th October 2019: COMPOST DAY! 11.30 - 4 pm

Charlie Martin will explain how he makes his wonderful organic worm compost that we use (and sell) at the Perennial. You'll learn how some of these methods can be applied at home. The Perennial team will show you how the composting system works to feed everything we grow on site - the not so secret recipe includes tea leaves and coffee grounds from the cafe.

Fortnightly Garden Club

We have a Garden Club at the Perennial meeting fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons 2 pm - 4 pm to look at particular horti-skills of sowing, propagation, design, compost making and other core skills for developing and maintaining gardens that give pleasure and produce. £5.00 per session.

Please book a day in advance. Contact Gill Lewis by e mail for more details