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Spring Gardening Days: Thursday afternoons from 2pm starting March 7th

It is not just about produce and pots at the Perennial – this spring and ongoing through the year we are offering Gardening Days for small numbers of people to come and join us for a few hours of hands-on garden experience.

If you don't have a garden … come and join us, you can borrow ours and learn how to bring greenery into your life with indoor and outdoor pots.

If you want to learn a little more about managing your patch…come and join us. If you want the guilt-free pleasure of pruning someone else’s tangled shrubs…come and join us.

Please book a day in advance. Contact Gill Lewis for more details

Fortnightly Garden Club

We are running a Garden Club at the Perennial fortnightly on Tuesday afternoon from 12th February onwards to look at particular horti-skills of sowing, propagation, design, compost making and other core skills for developing and maintaining gardens that give pleasure and produce. £5.00 per session.

Please book a day in advance. Contact Gill Lewis by e mail for more details